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Our philosophy is to create a pleasing and comforting environment for a variety of health needs, ranging from everyday issues to difficult problems, and from treatment to prevention. We teach you how to retrain your body to have power from the inside out, while including calming breath for overall health. We prefer to put therapy into movement and teach how to train throughout your day and within other activities.

We provide physical therapy for women and men of all ages, with specialization in treatment of problems or pain or in the pelvic region. We also treat many related alignment and general orthopedic issues. Our clinic is based in Charlottesville, VA and serves a 60-90 mile radius.

Physical Therapy Services

Women's and Men's Pelvic Health, Women's Special Needs, Orthopedics and Postural Health

Advanced Technologies

Rehabilitation Ultrasound Imaging, Clinical and Home EMG Biofeedback, Low Level Light/Cold Laser Microlight

Prenatal & Postpartum

Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy, Early Intervention, Wellness Education and Prevention

Wellness & Prevention

Individual & GroupWellness Instruction in Posture, Wellness for Pelvic Floor, Mommy & Me, and more!

Personalized Treatment Programs

We can help you explore a pathway to wellness.

Hands on Treatments

At Passages, your treatment is designed to suit your individual needs. We may include manual therapies, mobilization, scar and myofascial release, posture and pain strategies, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular re-education, and strain-counterstrain. We avoid using passive modalities, so we have more time for direct care and home exercises.  This can promote your body’s natural healing and give faster results.

Therapeutic Exercise Programs

We help our clients to promote support, contain pain, learn how to breathe during movement and how to balance power with calm. Our techniques can be used at home and work, and often include starting with the breath for relaxing and helping muscle circulation.   For those with pelvic symptoms, vintage Kegel exercises aren’t enough to fight against the pressures of impact activities, lifting, straining and pregnancy. In fact, basic Kegels can worsen certain bladder and pain conditions.  We can utilize non-invasive biofeedback with EMG and ultrasound imaging for viewing abdominal and pelvic muscles during training. We may also instruct the use of gym balls, resistive bands and simple props like blocks.

We Put Therapy into Movement

Our mission is to help you learn how and when to use your team of support muscles in practical ways.  Our services focus on how to get your muscles to work better, how to know if you are in a good position for activities and when to add more power. We teach dynamic sequences that help calm muscles and reduce feelings of tightness. We also teach how to avoid strain from pressures, which commonly affect your belly, back, bottom and full spine. This can help train you to move better in home, work and other fitness activities.

Latest News

Our blog provides tips and news related to physical therapy for the pelvic floor and beyond!

Some of Our Therapies

Rehabilitation Ultrasound Imaging, RUI

Patients love seeing the muscles in action, looking from outside of the abdominal regions.

See abdominals at work

Watch the effect of lifting and releasing the pelvic muscles, as they work below the bladder

Learn to find deep core muscles to support the spine and pelvic organs

EMG Biofeedback

Helps you to learn how to feel the pelvic floor muscles contract, by watching on a computer screen, similar to viewing a heart monitor

Uses small electrode patches on the skin and does not deliver any current- just helps to see the muscles working

Can use to try gentle, moderate and stronger pelvic muscle contractions- with a visual guide like target practice

Can see progress before symptoms may change, which helps you know you are doing home program effectively

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

The practice of yoga in medicine, rehabilitation, and wellness settings by a licensed health care professional

A bio-mechanically sound, evidence based treatment paradigm operating within the pentagon of wellness

Rehabilitation training promoting improved breathing patterns with attention to whole body, while we put our therapy into movement

Includes the spiritual, physical, intellectual, energetic, psychological, emotional, and social aspects of our being

Medical yoga in the PYT method can help with many common complaints as well as acute condiitions

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Manual therapy that can be can be useful for calming muscles and release soft tissues through gentle mobilization.

Other Therapeutic Interventions

Strain-counterstrain, Muscle Energy Techniques, Visceral Mobilization

From Our Clients

Everyone was very helpful and my experience was very enjoyable and helpful for my condition.


Cara was always very professional and conscious of the individual's privacy. I was made to feel very special and the reason why I was at Passages PT/ therapy was a very important issue.


Pat has a kind and friendly demeanor, that put me at ease, and let me know she cared about helping me. She not only offered great care and information, but she gave me the assurance I needed to regain contol of my body and life. I went into her office in a wheelchair, but with her explanation of my condition and how pain works, I felt confident enough to leave walking on my own two feet.


Cara was most helpful, sent me literature about Passages PT before my first appointment, and was most pleasant and flexible about setting up future appointments.


Laura was always very calm and ready to listen. She took the time to explain what the experience was going to be like. She was happy to answer/explain any questions asked. Most importantly I arrived with pelvic pain and abdominal scar pain, and after the 1st treatment there was definitely less pain. After 3 sessions , plus following her recommendations at home, I was pain free. I am truly thankful to you guys. Thank you, sweet Laura!!! You taught me a lot!


Laura was an incredible therapist.She came up with an organized plan of treatment and explained everything to me. She described what I could expect at every session so there were no surprises, which greatly decreased my anxiety. She was also very empathetic and easy to talk to, even regarding such personal issues! If you have an issue that could be helped by pelvic floor PT, do not wait! Once I finally committd myself to seeking treament for vaginismus, I was met with such a kind, supportive team. I am so proud of the positive results. I am finally free from years of pain and fear, thans to Laura and Passages!


"Pat Huston has been informative and at the same time warm and encouraging. I believe she is an expert in her field! It brings hope as I prepare for surgery as well as hope of even preventing surgery. Would absolutely recommend this clinic to others!"


"Astonishing results! After undergoing multiple surgeries, attempts at physical training, and living with chronic pain for years, working with Pat Huston has been truly life changing. As a result of her insights and guidance I was able to eliminate debilitating pain... I will forever be grateful to Pat."


"After spending fifteen years struggling with postpartum abdominal separation and leakage, a hernia inspired a referral to Passages, and I’m feeling transformed. The comforting and caring environment helped me to share ailments that I’d always tried to hide before, and a holistic therapy program was designed to help me to feel better, look better, and function more effectively at home and at work."


"Very professional and educational and the material handouts are very important. I would recommend others come- it’s important to understand the Pelvic Floor. The training with ultrasound techniques and the measuring of muscle tone is incredibly useful. The reception and waiting room is also great. The front office staff is recognizing and smiling- a big plus and are attentive to my schedule."